Bust of Niobe

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Large plaster bust of tragic Greek myth figure Niobe. This beautiful plaster cast sculpture in the round has been handmade by the Nicholas H Wood studio.

In Greek mythology, Niobe, the daughter of Tantalus and wife of Amphion, the king of Thebes, faced a tragic fate. Her seven sons and seven daughters met their demise at the hands of Apollo and Artemis as a consequence of her excessive pride. After the loss of her children, Niobe pleaded with the gods to end her pain. Zeus, moved by Niobe's sorrow, transformed her into a rock, turning her heart to stone. Yet, even in this form, Niobe's eternal grief persisted. Her ceaseless tears flowed from the rock, serving as a poignant symbol of a mother's enduring anguish.

Dimensions: 53cm (height) x 31cm (width) x 20cm (depth).

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